Guide to Aging in Place Home Remodeling: How to Enjoy Your Home in Your Golden Years

Posted on: January 3, 2019

At Sun Design, we believe the best way to enjoy your golden years is in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to live independently in a place that lets you feel like you.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the best way to make this a reality — aging in place remodels.


What is aging in place remodeling?

Aging in place remodeling is centered on the philosophy that people live happier and healthier lives when empowered to live independently.

Instead of moving to an assisted living facility or a new home designed for aging homeowners, aging in place remodeling gives homeowners the opportunity to stay in their home as long as possible. This is done through a remodel catered to the needs we all have as we age.

While this is not an option for every homeowner, if your health allows, it can provide a fulfilling and comfortable option for your golden years, increasing your and your family’s quality of life.

Why an aging in place remodel?

Aging in place remodels allow you to have the lifestyle you want and are centered around 3 key concepts:

  • Convenience: By remodeling your home in a way that allows for a more accessible lifestyle, you will live a more convenient life. Everyday tasks will be easier and everything will be designed to ensure day-to-day tasks are easy to complete.
  • Luxury: Your golden years are your time to shine! You should live the life you’ve always wanted as you age, and an aging in place remodel can help you do just that. Some of our design-build team’s favorite features also happen to be the luxurious features we offer with these remodels.
  • Safety: Ensuring that you can live safely as you grow older is critically important while completing aging in place remodels. This means designing features that put you in a position to live your life as you always have, while ensuring you can complete these tasks in a safe way.

How to approach your aging in place remodel

Like all remodels, every homeowner is going to have a specific way they’d like to approach their own aging in place remodel. There is never one good way to do anything!

When starting out, there are two directions you can go in with your remodel:

  • Whole home design: This entails reimagining your home from the ground up. Everything from your kitchen, living room, and bedroom will be designed with each other in mind, creating a flow to reinvent your living space into one you’ve dreamed of. This allows us to fully maximize and create the most luxurious, convenient, and safe space for you.
  • A room-by-room basis: You want to get started on an aging in place remodel but don’t need your entire home transformed? A more measured approach may be the best option for your situation.


Sun Design’s aging in place design philosophy

Finding the right balance is key with aging in place remodels. It can be easy to get caught up in ensuring your aging in place remodel will fulfill your medical needs. While these are serious issues that need to be addressed and are a large part of why you’re completing the remodel, they aren’t the only reason.

When it comes to aging in place, visitability and adaptability typically rise to the top, but not at the expense of a beautiful design.

Sun Design can help you ensure your home still feels like home even after the aging in place remodel. Contact us today to learn how we can you turn your golden years into the best years of your life.


Aging in place tips

We know getting started on an aging in place home remodel project can be an overwhelming proposition. That’s okay!

Below, read our top tips for planning an aging in place remodel.

Consider an open floor plan

While some homeowners may have to make large and more immediate large-scale changes to their homes, others may find starting early with more subtle changes to their home more fulfilling.

We’ve discovered that many homeowners don’t need immediate help in their entire home, but have trouble living day-to-day in certain portions of their home prior to others.

One place many homeowners start is with an open floor plan.

For those who have difficulty moving around cramped spaces, closed off rooms can be tough. That’s why changing the layout of a home to an open floor plan is often one of the first things tackled with these remodels.

Open floor plans also have a number of other benefits, including:

  • More natural light and an even better view of the outdoors and your living space!
  • A more spacious feeling home
  • Entertainment options galore — be it a family event or a neighborhood pizza party, open floor plans are designed for conversation
  • Giving your kitchen — and home — a more modern feel
  • Creating a central space for your home a great space for the whole family!

One Level Living

Particularly for those with joint issues, the repeated motion of walking up stairs can become grinding and debilitating in your day-to-day life. That’s why we often recommend homeowners focus their attention on the first level of their home.

This generally includes a first floor master suite remodel, which in addition to eliminating the need to walk up stairs, will put your bedroom closer to the rest of your daily living space. This also leaves the entire upstairs for guests or caregivers.

Master suite remodels fulfill the luxury component of aging in place design, too, as you can design the bedroom and bathroom of your dream.

Bathrooms: Safety Comes First

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place, particularly if you have limited mobility. Since bathrooms on the first floor are often small, opening them up to make them larger is a common early aging in place remodel with a first floor bedroom remodel or addition.

Some of our favorite aging in place bathroom features include:

  • Curbless showers
  • Double vanities and sinks
  • Large shower with seat and handles
  • Wall blocking for future grab bars

Features like curbless showers and double vanities help make these bathrooms ready for the next stage of your life.


Aging in place remodels at Sun Design

Aging in place remodels can help you move to the next stage of your life gracefully. We’re here to answer any questions or walk you through any reservations you have on these remodels.

Questions? Let us know! We’re here to help you build the dream living space, whatever that may be!

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