Posted on: December 2, 2016

In my last blog I explored the Noir and Holistic color palette’s by Sherwin Williams.  In this week blog I’m going to discuss the last two Colormix palettes: Intrepid and Unbounded.

The third collection is more energizing; Intrepid is characterized by the popular mantra “You Do You.”


It is bold and vivid with a feisty energy. I find it to be very Gen X, influenced by both 70’s and 90’s nostalgia, with a nod to the Riot Girl era of activism and awareness. Impatient for social change, women are reinventing themselves today as much as they were in the aforementioned eras. As much as that requires looking forward, there is much to be learned from the past. Intrepid feels vintage, yet contemporary. It is mid-century furniture, diverse styling, and seriously daring colors.

Intrepid’s color palette feels like your favorite dance song. The beat drops with a jeweled purple Kimono Violet and the rhythm plays through a rainbow of Rayo Del Sol, Serape, and Emotional. Key finishes include super glossy lacquered furniture, dichroic finishes, brightly stained woods, and the bold statement of black and white graphic patterns.

Sherwin-Williams’ 2017 Colormix wouldn’t be complete without a palette that was worldly and culturally inspired, which brings us to Unbounded.


There is a new universal appreciation for global citizenship. Cultural migration leads to blended communities across the globe. Cross-cultural design has existed for eons but it is being appropriated in a new way. In recent history there has been a flip-flop in furnishings from the overproduced import to the well-crafted customized product. There is a newfound respect in skilled artisanship and quality that also keeps in mind social consciousness. Unbounded was also influenced by the new sharing economy, creating a palette that appeals to co-working spaces, AirBnbs, and houses of food and learning for global communities.

Unbounded reminds me of the colors of a spice and textile market somewhere in the desert. It includes the cousins of the typical rainbow, the golden yellow named Bee, the bright and bold blue Adriatic Sea, and a lovely olive called Saguaro. Collected inspired finishes that work best with Unbounded are woven baskets, handmade patchwork tiles, carved woods, and glazed ceramics. Rose gold, brass, and pewter–some of the trendiest metals–make a solid showing with this collection, too. I think Unbounded would make a fantastic palette for a gathering space for welcoming all the people in your life.

Which Colormix 2017 collection speaks to you? Are you dark and moody? Enlightened and mindful? Bold and Outspoken? Or Diverse and Connected?

You may be a little of everything, I know I am.

Sun Design clients enjoy a complimentary paint consultation as a part of their project, and our designers love to spend time talking about color. It’s typically the last step in our design process, finalized during installation of your cabinets and countertops, so that we can truly see how the other finishes work in the space. It also gives clients a chance to reconnect with their designer during production.

Keep an eye out for my next guest blog where I’ll be sharing about the paint selection process. Thanks for entertaining my passion for color!

About the writer:
katie coram Katie joined Sun Design in 2014, bringing over a decade of experience in the Interior Design industry. She is accomplished at recognizing her client’s vision, and prides herself in her ability to deliver innovative, creative design solutions. Read more about Katie and our design team here.

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