Design: Creating a Basement Floorplan for Changing Family Needs

Posted on: March 31, 2017

The beauty of working with a design-build firm is the ability to customize each home to family needs. When this family from Clifton, VA came to Sun Design seeking a basement remodel they had very specific requirements for their space.

The Situation: A Multi-Use Basement in Need of Updates

When the homeowners met with us, we learned a lot about their needs.

  • A new pool installation project was planned for the next summer. The entrance/exit to the pool area would be through the basement.
  • As their in-laws visited and stayed over often, the functional (but not luxurious) basement bedroom and bathroom would need to be updated.
  • The wife wanted to create a private space where she could practice yoga, one of her true passions.
  • The family loves entertaining and collecting wine. They needed a space to store their collection from around the globe.

The Inspiration: Discovering Their Passions

The basement space was around 1,500 square feet. While remodeling the basement, we would have to pay close attention to the accent details. To fulfill and exceed their expectations, we wanted to know…

  1. What inspires them?
  2. What are the things they want to highlight in this space?
  3. What’s important to them personally?

We learned that the husband collects valuable movie props, which led us to brainstorm ways to playfully display them. Technology plays an important part in their lives as well. Thanks to smart home technology, the interior lights, temperature, and door lock to the wine cellar could be controlled by the touch of a button. For their entertaining bar, a restaurant-style feel with Chicago bar edge was desired. It would take a truly custom design to give them the detailing they longed for.

The Solution: Incorporating Function & Design Into Thoughtfully Laid Out Spaces

Configuring a basement with several niche areas takes a skilled designer and basement remodeling team. Design details such as coloring, accent pieces, and the placement of certain feature items help carve out distinct spaces in what can initially feel like a single large open space.

In considering the family’s basement remodel, there was an easily identified “room” that could be created behind two load-bearing pillars. With the homeowners’ love of mahogany, a coffered ceiling was created with mahogany wood, pulling the wood down the pillars. This created the gaming area where the pool table and air hockey table could go.

Complex geometry was then used to mimic that pattern on the flooring from the new powder room to the French doors leading out back. Knowing the clients’ love for wood details, we created a unique design in the floor at the future pool entrance using wood-like tiles that could withstand several years of wet feet plodding across the floor. This water-resistant flooring leads to the new powder room for easy bathroom accessibility from the soon-to-come backyard pool.

Separating the game room and lounge area is a double-sided ventless fireplace providing warmth to both spaces. The Chicago-style bar acts as a connection spot, inviting guests from both game play and seated conversation to come over, have a drink and relax. Custom shelving outside of the theater room displays the husband’s collector pieces which now add character to this playful recreation space.

See More Photos of the Transformation

Visit Mahogany Accents under our Basements Portfolio.

Planning a Basement Remodeling Project?

Are you thinking about remodeling your basement? Our basement remodeling experts share their favorite tips:

  1. Think About Your Goals – Who is going to use the space? What purpose(s) do you want the new space to fulfill? How do you envision using the space in 5-10 years? Any other perks you can incorporate, such as added storage? How do you want the space to make you feel? Your guests feel?
  2. Set Priorities – What are your “must-haves” in your new basement? Where are you willing to compromise?
  3. Plan, Plan, Plan – The more up-front planning you do, the happier you’ll be with the results. That’s why we work so closely with our clients before construction begins. By learning about our clients and their goals, we can help make sure the entire project runs smoothly.

Questions to Ask Basement Remodelers

If you’re thinking about hiring a basement remodeler to help with your project, make sure you’re asking the right questions!

  1. Can I see examples of your work? If a potential basement remodeling company can’t (or won’t) show you pictures of projects they’ve worked on, how do you know they’ll do a good job on your project? We encourage you to check out our basement remodeling portfolio.
  2. What’s your process like? A reputable basement remodeler shouldn’t want to dive right into construction. At Sun Design, our basement remodeling process allows us to get to know our clients, create the perfect plans, create 3D models, and much more– all before construction begins.
  3. How involved will I be? You may know some of what you want, but need someone to pull the strings through the design. You may be super busy and want someone who will take care of it all. Regardless, you will be kept up-to-date throughout the remodeling project. At Sun Design, your team will allow you to be as involved as you want to be.

Let’s Talk About Your Project!

If you’re planning a basement remodeling project, we should talk! Contact us online and tell us what you’re imagining. We’ll help you bring your dreams to life.

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