Kitchen & Bath Trends: Technology in the Bathroom

Posted on: October 1, 2015

Technology has enabled a great deal of automated amenities for a more comfortable and efficient bath experience. This includes automated features, heating components, programmable bath and shower systems, as well as music and TV options.

Automated Features


Automated features give you a hands free experience, where you can flush without touching a handle, and wash your hands without touching a faucet, ultimately reducing the spread of germs.

Heating Components


Heating under your bathroom tile not only warms your feet, but is also an energy efficient way to warm your entire bathroom. Most floor heaters are programable, and while luxurious to some, they’re almost necessary for others when the bathroom is extended over a space that is not being heated from below.


Heated towel racks are making a greater presence than ever, continuing to the spa-like feel and giving you a warmer dry after a bath or shower.

Programmable Bath & Shower Systems


This programable shower along with many others provide you with the option to program your personal shower preferences. This includes spray pressure, temperature, which shower heads turn on, and often they can blue-tooth music into the bathroom.


This VibrAcoustic sends vibration waves through your bathtub to the sound of music, or to preprogramed settings creating a soothing effect for your bathing experience.

Music & TV


bluetooth speakers are stepping into the water world. This shower enables you to bluetooth your music to your shower head, and the center speaker pops off so you can also use it throughout your home.


Just an orginary mirror? Think again. The technology here is hidden, giving you the option to have a common household mirror or a TV on your screen connecting you to the outside world.

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