Kitchen & Bath Trends: The Spa Feel

Posted on: February 1, 2015

A spa-like atmosphere has serenely slipped it’s way to the top of wanted bath trends, giving homeowners a place to retreat to away from the outside world. This bath feel often includes soft neutral colors, nature like décor, clean open space, glass, and spa features.

Soft Neutral Colors

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Decluttering is key to a spa atmosphere. Keeping surface areas clear, with toiletries and accessories stowed away opens up the space and removes distractions which can keep you from fully unwinding.

Nature Like Decor


Breathing life into the room, flowers, wood, faux finishes, pebbles and other textures bring the outside in contributing to the zen feel.

Clean Open Spaces


As mentioned previously, eliminating clutter makes a huge contribution to your bath space. Clean open spaces are also part of the design process – having clean lines, open glass showers and streamlined accents reduce the noise of a bath look and feel.

In the example above you can see how having a glass shower opens up the space and makes the shower area less restricted. Soaking tubs add that extra soothing touch, as these bathrooms area all about rest, relaxation and restoration.

Spa Features

A lot of homes now are bringing in literal spa-like spaces including built-in saunas known to detox the body, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure.


Steam showers have also become very popular, boosting the immune system and humidifying the space. Oils can be added to them for aromatherapy and extra stress reduction.

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