Main-Level Remodel: A Client’s Perspective

Posted on: November 4, 2016

In a previous blog on Surviving a Remodel we interviewed a family in Springfield who recently had their kitchen completed.

This Fairfax Station household transformed the main-level of their home, opening up choke-points throughout.

Their kitchen was expanded for entertaining greater functionality was created throughout the kitchen, mudroom, pantry closet, powder room and dining areas.

In similar Q & A style they share their remodeling experience:

Q: What was the main reason you wanted to remodel?

We needed a bigger kitchen: It was outdated. We wanted to fix up the choke points in the house, giving us better flow.

Q: Why did you choose Sun Design for your remodel?

When we were shopping around for a Design/Build company we would ask if there were any of their actual finished projects we could go see – but some companies only gave us a list of references for us to call and set up our own visits which we weren’t really comfortable with.  With Sun Design, we were invited to Open Houses to actually see and speak with the project teams and the owners (if they were present). We also appreciated the way Sun Design presented their Seminars – they weren’t just about Sun Design. We didn’t want to just update the kitchen; we wanted something special and unique, and Sun Design was the company we believed could work with us to incorporate all our wants and needs into the perfect design.

Q: Were there any specific struggles for you during your remodeling process?

One of the big things that we had a major struggle with were our cabinets.  The order was delayed for various reasons.  It was heartbreaking because the project was progressing nicely. It turned out that the cabinet maker was closed for a few weeks in December so nothing got done until mid January and it was another 8 weeks before we got the cabinets in.  However; Sun Design was very empathetic – no one said “too bad, this is what you ordered,” instead they asked “how can we fix this?” and “please don’t worry, we’ll make this right.”  And they did.

Q: If there was something you could share with others getting ready to remodel, what would you share with them?

  • Go through each and every cabinet and make sure it’s understood among all parties what you want.
  • When selecting tile, ask for full tiles not the small sample pieces, especially if there is a color or pattern difference…always get several tiles and bring them into the space you are remodeling.
  • Make sure your walkways are wide enough; having enough space to have two people be able to walk by each other makes a huge difference.
  • Expect that there will be additional costs due to modifications (you missed something, you need to make a modification to the design, you decide that you want something else added to the design or the granite you fall in love with, and have to have, which costs more than you anticipated spending).
  • Also when trying to estimate the length of the project, keep an open mind. If you’re told that the project is going to take 8 weeks’ figure 10-12 weeks – anything can happen. That way if it’s done in 8 weeks, it’s a BONUS!
  • Don’t overlook the small details, as those small details can elevate a space. It is worth a little bit more to have those touches you want otherwise you’ll always be regretting not spending that little extra: Do you want to “just really like” the new space or “LOVE” your new space?

Q: Anything else you want to share?

We LOVE our kitchen along with the new spaces and flow of our house! Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into it.  Don’t wait to do your project until you are ready to sell…spend the money and enjoy the space, otherwise other people will be enjoying all your hard work.  Finally, we really like the people – everyone we’ve met we consider a friend. There is a camaraderie among the staff at Sun Design.   The quality of work was where we wanted it – well above your typical standard kitchen remodel. We did have our rough patches but when it was all said and done Sun Design delivered exactly what we wanted and WE LOVE IT!

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