5 Reasons to Add Onto Your Home

Posted on: March 19, 2020

Home additions allow you to transform your home’s function and beauty without the hassle of moving. In this post, we’ll outline 5 reasons why home additions are a great way to improve your home and transform your lifestyle.


#1: You Need More Space

The biggest reason we see clients opt for a home addition is simple: they need more space. 

With a home addition, you can add square footage to your home in any way you see fit. Whether it’s to make room for a new family member, give yourself some breathing room, or to give aging in-laws a place to live, home additions are a great way to invest in a bigger home without the stress of moving.

Some of the most common home additions we see clients choose include:

  • Master suites: Master suites give you the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of while freeing up your former bedroom for additional children or guests. 
  • Living rooms: This added living space helps the entire family to feel not as cramped. They also allow for more fun and engaging family time!  
  • Larger, more open kitchen: With a modern, open kitchen, your family will have a central hub for your home. Whether it’s eating or completing nightly homework, your open floor plan kitchen will become your family’s new hang out.

Most importantly, when you choose a home addition, you add space in the most beneficial way for you and your family. You can plan the entire addition in a way that suits you and your family’s lifestyle. There is truly no more efficient space than a space designed by you! 


#2: You’re Ready for Something New!

Home additions don’t just have to be one room, either. We’ve helped many clients fundamentally change the structure of their home in a way that leaves them with whole new livable areas and a revamped layout.

When you take this route, you can add space to existing rooms, as well as adding new ones. This allows for strategic planning that you simply could not get without a home addition. 

When you partner with Sun design, we will ensure that the new addition seamlessly integrates your style (interior and exterior) with your existing structure and spaces. Not doing so, can leave your home looking disjointed, and while this often looks “okay” on the inside, the outside aesthetic of your home could suffer. We want your addition to look and feel like it’s always been there and belongs!


#3: It’s Time to Reconsider Your Layout

Open floor plan layouts are generally a key piece of the home addition puzzle. This is because there is no pound-for-pound better way to make your home feel larger than with an open floor plan layout.

While it’s certainly possible without, adding space to your kitchen is key to allowing this concept to take root and make your home have the open space you’ve always dreamed of. Often this materializes as integrating the kitchen into the living room, and using aesthetic dividers to break up the space. The result is an open, yet defined home. 

When you integrate an open floor plan kitchen into your home, your space will be….

  • Better set up for entertaining and hosting family events
  • Safer due to an ability to see the whole family when in the kitchen and easier to navigate as you age 
  • A central gathering space for your home 
  • A more accurate reflection of your style


#4: You Want to Update Your Style

Homes are generally built to conform to the needs, preferences, and styles of the times. As any house ages, some of these features will stay useful, while others will fall away as new preferences and styles emerge.

A key benefit of a home addition is the ability for you to update your home into a space that is more in line with your style. 

Today, bathrooms are larger, rooms less constrained, and spaces are less defined. Appliances now blend high-tech features with style to create tools that help us enjoy our day-to-day lives. Features that were once only found in spas or gourmet restaurants, such as saunas or wine fridges, can now be found in the home additions we create here at Sun Design. 

A newly added space will above all else compliment your lifestyle to empower you to have the life you’ve always wanted to lead. 


#5: Eliminate the Stress of Moving

Whether due to simply loving certain aspects of your home, your family’s unwillingness to leave a space where so many memories have been made, or simply just loving your neighborhood, home additions allow you to discover a bigger home exactly where you live. 

Moving your entire family can be hard. In addition to the financial strain it can take due to moving costs, it’s also just plain stressful. 

With a home addition, you can essentially “move” into a new home without ever leaving.You’ll have a custom home in the neighborhood and community you already love


Home additions at Sun Design

Sun Design can help you build a home addition for your Northern Virginia or Montgomery County, MD home. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect space that compliments your existing structure and meets your family’s needs. 

Contact us today to learn more and get started on your home addition. 

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