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As homeowners, we form a bond with our homes throughout the years. This is where countless memories were made—careers began, first steps were taken, and birthday parties were thrown. For those of us who are attached to our homes, leaving them as we age can be a frustrating, terrifying, or saddening prospect. But when the time comes that you need something better suited to your current lifestyle, you have more than one option. Instead of moving out of the home where you’ve created lasting memories, you can schedule an aging-in-place remodel.

Sun Design specializes in reinventing living spaces so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. We work closely with clients to anticipate future needs including aging-in-place, family expansion, kids leaving home, and family members entering their golden years.

Spend many more years in the home you’ve grown to love by scheduling an appointment with Sun Design for aging-in-place remodeling throughout Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland.

What Is Aging-in-Place?

As we age, our needs change and evolve. Because of this, many homeowners place a for sale sign in their front yard and relocate to a smaller dwelling—leaving behind wonderful memories they’ve created with their families. Did you know many aging loved ones would prefer to reside in their own home as they age? But many don’t realize this is a viable option. Aging-in-place remodeling addresses your changing needs as you age, allowing you to maximize your comfortability and activeness over the years.

Aging-in-Place Remodeling Options

There are three elements in an aging in place remodel that cannot be overlooked—function, accessibility, and safety. At Sun Design, we make it our foremost priority to keep you comfortable in your own home, while enhancing the space to better suit your changing needs. No aging-in-place remodeling job is the same. Our team will work with you to discuss your specific needs, and create a plan that was custom designed with you in mind. Some features we may suggest for your aging-in-place remodel include:

  • Home additions. Are you considering moving in with your family or having your family move into your existing home? Rather than cramming everyone into one shared space, you can add onto your home and create separate spaces. This allows you to remain in close proximity in case of an emergency, but go about your daily lives as if nothing has changed.
  • Home alterations. Does your home have more than one floor? Is it hard for you to get up the stairs to maintain the second level? If so, you might be considering downsizing to a single floor. Looking for another option that allows you to maintain your home’s square footage? Install a home access elevator! This will allow you to easily get to the second level of your home without having to take the stairs.
  • Increased safety features. Whether you’re looking to make the entryway of your home more accessible or you’d like enhanced safety features in your bathroom, Sun Design can help. From adding a ramp to the main entrance of your home to installing grab bars, shower chairs, or slip-free floors in the bathrooms, we’ve done it all and would be happy to help you choose the right solutions for you.
  • Improved lighting. As we age, eyesight often diminishes. Because of this, adequate lighting needs change and you need to ensure you have the lighting solution best for your home. In some homes throughout Northern Virginia we’ve installed “smart” lighting, which are automated systems that simplify motion through the home and improve overall quality of life. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Let us know.

Sun Design has worked with homeowners throughout Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, MD to transform their living spaces. Our aging-in-place remodeling experts can help you redesign your home so it is better suited for your changing needs. The result: Homes that are not only award-winning in their beauty, but that dramatically enhance quality of life today and in the future.

Interested in aging-in-place remodeling? Contact us to learn why Sun Design is the company Northern Virginia homeowners trust.

Aging-in-Place Remodeling in Northern VA

You’ve spent countless years in your home. You don’t want to relocate, why not remodel your home to better suit your needs as you age? Lifetime needs change, so should your home change to grow around your needs—allow Sun Design to assist you.

Sun Design can help you age in place more efficiently by remodeling your home! Contact us online if you’ve considered aging-in-place remodeling Northern Virginia or Montgomery County, Maryland.

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